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About St Helens The Best Me CIC

Who we are & How We Do It


Coaching, Training and Consultancy

We are a team of women, men and young people who use lived experience 

to bring about positive changes within our community, 

transforming past pains into our present power. 

Mission Statement

Our Vision

St Helens The Best Me CIC is dedicated to make positive changes in the community.

For the general public, Men, Women, Young people and Children.

We aim to build strong connections within society via raising aspirations and hopes.

So everyone that uses our services can live a life being the best version of themselves,

a life of purpose, confidence and contribution.


Our Mission

We exist to build aspirations, resilience, to reduce crime such as Domestic Abuse

 so communities are thriving. Raising awareness via workshops & campaigning. 


Our Aims

1. Participate and support build personal mission statements,

so they live a purpose driven life

2. Improve the lives of people through empowerment and motivation

3. Use evidence-based Neuro linguistic techniques that have worked for

other survivors of trauma

4. To build strong communities that help one another to thrive

5. To provide a safe place for those who have experienced trauma from

any form of abuse, loss or failures.

6. A safe place without judgment to overcome trauma from DA, loss, rejection or failures.

7. Work in partnership with other services and agencies in the local areas

8. Train survivors to become advocates and Ambassadors for the Best Me

9. Campaign on issues that are important in our area.


Our Objectives

St Helens The Best Me CIC  will achieve this:

1. Provide a team of qualified staff and volunteers with lived experienced

capable of delivering the highest standards of services

2. Use latest research and trauma informed approaches to help service users

2. Work with other existing services and work in a synergistic collaborative approach

3. Use best practice for monitoring and evaluating outcomes

4. Train service users to go and help others in their own circles.

Empowering Women
Empowering Women
Sep 03, 2020, 8:00 PM – 9:05 PM
Online Via Zoom

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