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‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ (or Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy) is a pragmatic approach that started by studying some of the best therapists in the world.  By modelling their behaviour and attitudes, it was possible to distil their approaches to the differences that made the difference and to teach these distinctions to others.  This methodology of modelling what works has resulted in the development of many pragmatic models, attitudes and change techniques.

In other words, it understands the language of your brain, the programme it is running on, and find a more productive programme then implement it.

TimeLine Therapy

This form of regression therapy utilises your ability to imagine our life as a line from the past to the future. Floating above this line, it is possible to learn from the past (including past lives or family history if appropriate) and let go of emotions from painful memories. It is also a powerful way of setting compelling goals into the future.

In other words, look back in time, take a step back, what else is there to learn from that experience? How can you use this experience to work for you? To help you move forward? What else could past experiences mean?

Life coaching is costly. Our NLP Practitioner gives those suffering from Domestic Abuse, or those wanting to change their behaviour, anyone suffering from binge eating, bulimia, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder access to free coaching sessions. 

For Free life coaching sessions and check suitability please fill in the registration form within this website or email Whatsapp / call / phone 07502 971 324

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