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My Experience of Covid-19


I didn’t really take much notice of it in the beginning which I assume most people didn’t too. I carried on with school as normal with the support of my dearest friends and family as I tried to survive my GCSE year. I mean that’s how it felt. When it came closer to the closing of the schools, I felt angry and it was as if I didn’t want to believe it, like I refused to believe that my school would close.

Only for me to be told a few days later that my exams are cancelled and that the whole country was going into lockdown. At this point, every person in the country was pretty much at the same state, not knowing completely what was going on as the news retired to give us any more information than what we had already been given. Honestly, I still didn’t really think much into the situation of the country and still experiencing stress from school. By this I gave myself a week off, just to; get to use to the situation, organise my school work and help at home. It felt like your average half term. Then as the week went past it quite quickly became the fourth week into the lockdown. This led to me lacking all motivation, comfort eating and felt like all the work I had done at school was for nothing.


 Within these weeks I also kept to comfy clothing, no makeup and would leave my hair in a messy bun whilst I helped with home learning for my siblings. As my mum is key worker within security and my dad looks after us. By the fifth week I was fed up with myself and wondering why my disciplining had depleted and why I was pretty much letting myself rot. I would occasionally walk the dog or cycle but that wasn’t doing enough. I felt that it was time for me to take some action and re-discipline myself. I mean it was about time. So, I got myself together and created a functional timetable in which it includes my siblings work, time for me and my work; this being towards my Alevel choices.


I also gave myself a few challenges. For example, read three books in two months and to be more creative. This I took on board and have been painting and cooking more which I enjoy and it calms me. With reading I have selected a few books and I have started them however I am slacking a bit with this. I also intended to exercise more and replenish my body with healthier foods and try losing weight for my own benefit; to feel more comfortable in my own body and feel as if I have accomplished something. I’ve had my ups and downs especially with my anxiety but I found this was helping me.


I don’t feel that lockdown has been the worst thing but it has opened up other problems for many people; such as over thinking, putting on weight, loss of loved ones and the increase in domestic abuse. Above all I am working on myself every day, or trying. And I will always have my ups and downs but my end goal is to be the best version of me.

By Sophie 

16th May 2020

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