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Cost of Domestic Abuse

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Domestic Abuse the costs

Domestic abuse cost the country around 66billion per year.

An estimate of 14billion is a direct cost to the economy and across business up and down the country.

Shocking and unbelievable you might think, however it is not.

The break down of the costs are;

Physical and mental health costs

Criminal justice costs

Civil legal costs

Social services costs

Housing and refuge costs

Lost economic output.

Cost to an individual not included.

There are so many cases that I have dealt with. Those who enter the private law court system (family court) and who are employed, normally get fleeced.

Mother A who had 1 child, was forced to use all of her saving, costing her £39,000 and still had to share 50/50 custody with her abuser. Mother still suffering due to post separation abuse.

Mother B fled her home, losing £50,000 and uprooted her 4 children to a different location and is still being pursued via the family courts, 4 years on, where the family court has become an indirect facilitator in the abuse. The system was a traumatic experience and ongoing.

Mother C left an abusive relationship, businesses are tied with abuser. 3 years on, the mother is unable to work and the abuser is still abusing mother via the family court. Each visit to court is costing the mother financially and mentally.

Father A lost his business and home, as a result of having to pay legal costs, which went on for 4 years. Father lost everything and still suffers to date.


Criminal Law > time constraint

Public Law > time constraint

Private Law (family courts) > can go on until child is 16years old. No time limit.

Family courts and their judges are not accountable to anyone or any organisation. You cannot discuss a Private Law case In public.

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