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Jay Deakin Podcast with Shana Begum

I’m Jay and I run the TALKHUB men’s walk and talk and the Talkhub  podcast. I have Obsessive-compulsive disorder and have lived with this since a young age. It has been very challenging and debilitating to live with but through the years I have come to understand more about what it is and why I think and act the way I do. I just want to help break the stigma of OCD and help others who might be struggling with it. I’m very passionate about men’s mental health and through using my experiences I want to help guys to talk more through doing the walks and zoom chats. I’m a dedicated Everton supporter and I've not missed a game for 5 and a half years. Everton are my true love haha! I am an ex amateur boxer and I enjoy running, yoga, and all types of training now. My boxing experiences definitely helped me to grow as a person and gave me strength. A quote I try to live by is “ what the mind believes, the body achieves”

Jay interviewed Shana and the podcast can be found via this link

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