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St Helens Best Me

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Our ’No 2 Domestic Abuse’ Campaign will be launched on the 6th March 2020, coinciding with International Women’s day tea party event. 6/3/2020. Venue Park Farm Community Centre WA11 7PG. 4.30pm -6.00pm.

Partnership with the Saints Foundation

We’re excited to be partnering with local community organisations and businesses, inviting everyone to be part of the campaign, sign the DA pledge and if you or your organisation is interested in any free training please contact us.

Domestic Abuse is everyone’s business.

The best me programme.

The Best me programme

Live a life being the best version of you!

Want Better relationships?

Healthier Mind & Body?

Dream job?

Live a Life of purpose?

Be Happy?

Whatever your goal we aim to help.

This programme is aimed at people who have faced trauma of any form, or anyone who is stuck from achieving their goals. Who want to learn techniques to live a happier transformative life.

This programme uses tools & techniques, self-reflection, learn to take personal responsibility in order to obtain goals & aspirations.

Delivered via a mix of presentation, group discussion & synergistic learning in an informal non-judgemental environment. Worksheets to complete. Learning tools and techniques to take home.

Just be you & come as you are.

Refreshments are available - childcare available * - transport help available. (Signing up required)

This will be an exciting and rewarding experience, and perhaps even life-changing. Creating the best mindset to be the best you.

Delivered by Shana Begum. (Shana is a domestic abuse survivor, 25 years of Domestic Abuse. She’s overcome a lot of trauma in her life and truly believes anyone can change their life with the correct mindset)

Find out where your free 5 week empowerment programme is going to be held!

more information:


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