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Nomination for National Diversity Award 2021

Please would you support our founder and volunteer Shana Begum and our nomination?

Here are some of the endorsements so far;

2021-04-13 10:12:17

A very inspirational, hard working lady who strives to help people from all communities and backgrounds. Shana worked on several community projects and her energy and team working approach was very notable and helped made the projects a huge success

2021-04-13 08:38:01

As her daughter, I know shana and all she has done, not only for the community, but for us as her children. If she wasn’t strong when we needed her to be, I don’t know where I’d be today. Even after we fled, she took the opportunity to help others and do things for the community, instead of hiding in fear, she taught us to embrace the fact we survived domestic abuse, and that it doesn’t matter what you go through, what matters is what you learn from it, what you become. I believe she deserves to be recognised for the work she has done and is still doing for the community. She impacts everyone she meets, and is someone I have always looked up to, she is an inspiration to all who meet her. She is the strong face, the happy smile, and the encouraging voice, people like me, who have been at a low, needed to get back on our own two feet and make the first step forward to embracing the shackles that once held us down. Shana is a wonderful person, who looks a challenged in the face, and shouts bring it on. She is the type that inspires a domino affect on all that see her, and what she does. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support her and let the world know, that there is someone out there, who has not only over come trauma, but has inspired others to do the same. Thank you for the opportunity, Zeena Iysha Begum

2021-04-13 07:31:04

Shana is an inspirational lady to us all. She has overcome many life changing and life threatening challenges but rather than fold she has met them head on with strength and determination. Having overcome such adversity she has ensured that she continue this fighting spirit by supporting others who are going through similar experiences. She is a positive role model for many and deserves to be recognised for her selfless work in encouraging others to recognise their worth and to move forward with their lives no matter how hopeless their their current situation appears to be.

2021-04-13 00:24:50

Will do anything for anyone has a heart of gold

2021-04-12 23:46:29

Very proud to know Shana and her dedication in educating women about domestic abuse and in sharing her own experience so it can become good lessons to learn. Such enthusiastic about the issues as well as the mental health that can be caused by it. Shana\'s excellent work deserves a recognition as Positive Role Model 2021.

2021-04-12 22:42:23

Goes the extra mile, a big heart what more can you say, an extraordinary lady

2021-04-12 20:11:00

Shana is a special lady who has faced adversity in her life. In order to help people, she is an intelligent lady who has used her own experiences to help others. She should win this award for her achievements, empathy, embracing diversity and ability to shine even when things are tough.

2021-04-12 19:33:30

I am nominating shana because she works really hard.

2021-04-12 17:48:33

Shana has helped me massively since starting my men’s mental health group last year, giving me advice when needed and also coming onto my podcast to discuss honour based,domestic violence. She is always really positive and care a lot about her community, helping people to become the best version of themselves by leading from example.

2021-04-12 13:43:05

Shana Begum fled 25 years of domestic abuse and adversity and as a person who is neurodiverse, it was very difficult for Shana to navigate through the current system and transform her life. Due to Shana’s audacity and hunger to persevere, Shana was able to transform not only her life, her families life and the lives of 100’s in St. Helens and beyond. There are many newspaper articles of Shana’s achievements, and we have noticed it is very difficult to run a community interest company as a dyslexic person, since Shana’s courage, she has inspired many to pursue their own dreams, with or without a disability. “It doesn’t matter, if your life wasn’t set up with all of the opportunities as someone without a disability, you can still preserve, it will be more challenging, however it’s the challenges that make us grow, in the end we receive the gift of resilience, that is an incredible skill to acquire” Since fleeing domestic abuse in 2018, being rehoused in St Helens. A predominately white area, Shana has overcome many challenges. Not only the intersectionality barriers, however also the barriers of bring dyslexic and running a community interest company and helping others with their adversities. It is so important, that people don’t fall into the victim trap, and build a network of others who will help support them build an meaningful life. Shana works endlessly giving and making an huge social impact in her local community and beyond. Shana is a true example of tenacity, courage and perseverance. Shana is very connected to many organisations locally and nationally, and doesn’t let her disability prevent her to going for the senior positions in organisations and community groups. Shana has overcome many years of racism, stigma, and hardship, yet she still shows up. Please contact us for more information on Shana Begum. Please feel free to do a quick google search Shana Begum St Helens.

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