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Our finalist at the LCR Cultural Awards

Liverpool City Region is a thriving place for culture and creativity and we want to celebrate this. Created by the LCR Combined Authority the winners of the Liverpool City Region Culture and Creativity Awards will be announced on 19thFebruary 2021 as part of an exciting online event.

Our co-founder Zeena Begum has been shortlisted!

What am amazing effort.

”it’s such an amazing opportunity to be a finalist for LCR, as a young Director and a young person with aspirations, it’s been very difficult, I am someone who has experienced so many challenges for being a young person, Asian and a female, it’s been worth it though, bringing The community together through the love of art! Anime Art”

“thank you to all our supporters”

”even through the challenges we rise up, again and again!”

“I love art, I love running amazing sessions in the community”

Thanks again LCR

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