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Shana Begum Shortlisted for National Award!

We are so pleased that our NLP practitioner Shana Begum has been shortlisted for this amazing NATIONAL Award. Our fingers will be crossed for Shana. Shana always goes above and beyond to help the community, its so important to note that Shana is a very active volunteer.

Why? Because its Shana’s purpose and duty.

Shana has experienced a lot of bullying and victimisation via her journey, however she continues due to her resilient mindset. For advice and support please contact us on or for a quicker response call 07502971324

Shana Begum

Only two years ago, Shana escaped after twenty-five years’ experience of domestic abuse. Since then she has thrown herself into fighting for other women and girls. She is the first ever Domestic Abuse Prevention Officer and through the group St Helens The Best Me she runs and supports a number of anti-violence projects and campaigns in her community, including empowerment groups for survivors where women who have experienced abuse can come together and share their experiences.

More information on the awards can be found via this link.

Congratulations Shana Begum!

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