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Training for your staff and volunteers

Our trainer has received training from 4 national trainers and has 25 years of lived experience of Domestic abuse, coercive control and honour based abuse. Shana is continuously updating her training, so it always captures the latest developments and legislations.

Shana’s lived experience gives her training it’s USP, it is trauma informed and authentic.

Why not be proactive in your organisation and take the training?

Become an anti domestic abuse citizen.

To book please email our team on;

Note (Training is available during evenings BST and weekends)

Some feedback from delegates;

”The training has changed my life”

”the training will not only help you, but it equips you to help others”

”the training kept my attention all the Way through”

”As a business woman my time is limited, online training sometimes can be a waste of time, but Shana‘s training had so much squeezed into it, it’s mind blowing”

”Shana’s training helped me understand my own lived experience, it was so worth my time, Thank you Shana”

”I keep replaying the recording, to learn everything that was delivered, the training has so much value”

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