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Free NLP Coaching sessions for Trauma Victims

Updated: Jun 14, 2020


Neuro stands for neurology.

Linguistic means language.

Programming means how neural language functions.

Along with the Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the concept of internal dialogue is essential to understand. Internal dialogue is the constant voice in your head. According to psychologist Lev Vygotsky, your internal dialogue begins around 3 years old as you learn to differentiate between thought and speech. I believe it starts before that, as soon as we stop listen and as children try to understand what the words mean, how we link words of our parents, carer’s to facial expression and energies they give out etc.

Childhood trauma;

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Emotional abuse

Physical neglect

Emotional Neglect

Mother treated violently

Parental separation or divorce

Death of someone close

Household substance abuse

If you've experience Domestic Abuse:

Sexual violence

Physical violence

Emotional abuse

Psychological abuse

Economic and financial abuse

Coercive Control

You want to explore ways to achieve goals and move on?

We understand Coaching cost a lot of money, we have a dedicated NLP Practitioner, who can assist, once a week session, Free Sessions for Residents of St Helen's Merseyside UK. (T&C's Apply)

For more information about booking a session please email us or 07502 971 324

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